Dr. Ivan Van Sertima - Unreleased Speeches

Audio Collection

An audio collection of highly valued presentations given by the esteemed scholar Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (Rutgers Univ. NJ.) Ea. presentation offers deep & authoritative info. concerning the nature, discovery  & advancement of African civilization    

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Shakka Ahmose
Shakka Ahmose
Restoring Black Minds

About the instructor

Shakka-Ahmose is a well sought after research specialists who is deeply engaged in the structural restoration of classical African history. His erudite (scholarly) approach has garnered him a worldwide following. Since the demand for his presentations are prolific and his availability limited, this platform has been created to facilitate a learning experience guaranteed to take your own personal education to the next level. 

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What's included?

5 Audios
6.0 Hours

This is the time to reclaim your history.

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