• This is a monthly membership program.
  • This is for the gold access pass to 1) 4 monthly LIVE lectures from Shakka Ahmose, 2) four separate Q&A session, and 3) resource study library.
  • You can attend LIVE in person at his Truth Learning Center.
  • You can watch LIVE from the comfort of your own home.
  • Each week you will receive the link to the LIVE lecture if you are not able to be present.
  • Each week you will meet at the Truth Center if you are able to physically be present.
  • This GOLD membership grants you access to both the lecture and the additional Q&A sessions = 8 monthly meetings.

This monthly Study With Shakka program GOLD access pass is for you if...

  • You want to get hands-on lessons from Shakka Ahmose.
  • You want to have your questions answered directly from Shakka Ahmose.
  • You want to receive updated and current information from Shakka Ahmose.
  • You want to have LIVE access to Shakka Ahmose's weekly lectures.
  • You want the links to his resource library after each lecture.

This monthly Study With Shakka program GOLD access pass is NOT for you if...

  • You are comfortable re-watching his presentations on Youtube.
  • You know for certain that you WILL always be available to view the LIVE lectures in full.

About the instructor

Restoring Black Minds

Shakka Ahmose

Shakka-Ahmose is a well sought after research specialists who is deeply engaged in the structural restoration of classical African history. His erudite (scholarly) approach has garnered him a worldwide following. Since the demand for his presentations are prolific and his availability limited, this platform has been created to facilitate a learning experience guaranteed to take your own personal education to the next level. Let's Stay Connected:Website: http://www.ShakkaAhmose.comInstagram:

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    May 2019

    • Week #1

    • Week #2

    • Week #3

    • Week #4

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